UK university heads visit University of Haifa
Following British calls for an academic boycott of Israel, a delegation of British university heads met today with University of Haifa administration and faculty President Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze'ev, Vice President of External Relations and Resource Development Prof. Ada Spitzer,Vice President and Dean of Research Prof. Majid Al-Haj, Deputy Rector Prof. David Faraggi and senior faculty today in a show of solidarity with Israeli academia and to examine possible avenues of academic cooperation between Israel and the UK. Prof. Yitzhak Apeloig, President of the Technion also participated in the meeting. Welcoming the visitors, University President Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze'ev commented: "I am pleased that the threat of a boycott has finally been removed; we now have to focus our efforts on research and scientific cooperation." The delegation, which is supported by the British government and represents British academia from England, Scotland and Wales was led by Prof. Rick Trainor, President of Universities UK and Vice-Chancellor of King's College, London and accompanied by Dr. Adee Matan, Science Attaché at the British Embassy. Prof. Trainor expressed his dismay with the boycott attempt. "There is an absolute contradiction between academia and a boycott," he stated. After clarifying the delegation's position on the boycott, he presented their agenda. "We came to talk about the importance of deepening academic ties between England and this part of the world." The university faculty members present, Prof. Menachem Kellner, Prof. Wendy Sandler and Prof. Dafna Erdinast-Vulcan proposed establishing a binational science foundation to support joint research efforts and relayed the concerns of young Israeli academics who hesitate to submit research papers to British journals for fear they will not be judged by their academic merits but rather by another set of criteria. Prof. Trainor closed the meeting on a positive note, pledging to encourage future academic cooperation between the two countries
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